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5 Nagios check_ping Command Examples to Monitor Remote Host Basic Usage. Use -H option to specify the hostname or the ip-address of the server for which you … ping | Microsoft Docs 19 rows

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Tutorial Melakukan Ping dan Tracert Menggunakan CMD Command ping dan tracert berguna untuk mengecek koneksi dari internet yang digunakan agar bisa terhubung ke server atau tidak. Untuk Windows, Kamu bisa masuk ke menu Start, lalu Kamu ketikkan command prompt.Ketika sudah masuk maka Kamu bisa mulai ping dan tracert domain murah Kamu.. Untuk ping gunakan perintah: “ping” (tanpa tanda petik). Using the PING Command to Test Network Connections The PING command sends a test packet of data to a designated IP address. Open up a DOS command prompt: From the Windows Start menu, click Run. (In Windows Vista and newer, simply type the command in step 2 into the search field and hit enter instead of clicking Run.) How to Use Ping Command Parameters in CMD | SYSNETTECH t Command. It continuously pings a specific IP address or Web site. And this process continues … Speed Up Internet Using CMD (Command Prompt)