How to Create a US PSN Account on PS4 - Guide - Push Square

How to Restrict Access to Your PlayStation 4 with a Passcode Jul 11, 2017 Best way to set up PSN accounts for kids on a PS4 | ResetEra Apr 28, 2018

Login into the email account you used to set up your PSN account. Try and locate the mail from PlayStation urging you to confirm your email address and click on the link they probably sent you. Note: If plenty of time has passed since you created your PSN account, the link in the email they sent you may have expired and you may need to request

Turn on the console. Activate your PlayStation 4 DualShock controller by pressing the "PS" button on … How to set up PS4 account(New Method-Secure) – PSN Account How to set up PS4 account(New Method-Secure) WARNING!!! before going into the instruction if you already has bought your account.txt file please make sure not to deactivate the account if you dont have access to you ps4 at the moment.

May 06, 2018

Sep 11, 2018 Setting a primary and secondary ps4 - PlayStation 4 Then on yiur brothers ps4 he'd add his PSN, set it to primary, add a second user where your PSN can be added. That way, if you have it set up to auto sign in to PSN, when you switch between each other's accounts on the two consoles it'll auto log into the right PSN account. Creating and Deleting User Profiles on PS4